Little Dreamers: Children in Philanthropy


At Project Sweet Dreams we believe that it is important to get children involved in philanthropy and in our community at a young age. Many charitable organizations don’t allow for kids to get involved at a young age. However, at Project Sweet Dreams, we encourage children of all ages to be directly involved by donating their own gently used pajamas or facilitating mini-pajama drives. We believe that this direct involvement not only teaches children empathy and compassion but also gives them a sense of joy at having helped other children in need, as well as a deep gratitude for the blessings they have in their own lives.

We are very excited to develop youth engagement in our community through our Little Dreamers Program. We want to expand beyond the typical twice-a-year “spring cleaning” donations that most families participate in and really bring philanthropy into the daily lives of our children. We will be teaching children about the benefit of charitable work and community involvement by having youth ambassadors in our organization.


Our youth ambassadors will be working directly with children in local youth organizations to spread the word about the importance of philanthropy and how to get involved in our community. We believe that this peer engagement (supervised by adults, of course!) is an innovative way to truly energize the next generation to become socially responsible members of the community. Our goal is to introduce our Little Dreamers program into local youth athletic and service organizations, so that philanthropy becomes part of children’s lives, just as naturally as sports and other activities have traditionally been.

We also envision reaching even the youngest of children with single-day pajama drives at local childcare centers. We are excited to see their smiles when they proudly donate their favorite pair of pajamas and receive an award recognizing them as Little Dreamers!

There are many wonderful charitable organizations in Northern Nevada but Project Sweet Dreams is the first and only one to truly focus on engaging our youth in philanthropy at a young age. Children are our greatest blessing and teaching them compassion, empathy and service at a young age is a valuable gift.